Caring for the health of the people on your campus is an obvious and critical responsibility of those in charge of school operations. If we had to guess (based on our extensive experience working with schools across the country), we’d guess you’re pretty busy now that school is back in session. Okay, maybe our guessing skills aren’t that impressive, but wait until you hear about how Joffe Emergency Services can provide your school with trained, certified, and effective Health Aides who take that responsibility off your plate!

Joffe Health Aides are both your school’s first line of defense and its main support during emergencies or disasters. They are on-guard for early warning signs or trends in the school community while also ensuring that your school is compliant with all guidelines and standards of care. Having highly-trained staff in this position frees your time and energy up for other tasks, while still having a quick response to all health-related issues. Here are some of the responsibilities a Health Aide might handle for your school community.

Health Care: From minor cuts and scrapes to playground falls, Health Aides provide one-on-one care for students injured on campus.

Health Record Management: Think of how deep the sigh of relief will be when someone else is managing the health information for your students, keeping the deluge of immunization records, physicals, treatment plans, health screenings, and more straight.

School Reporting: Of course, your school will still have access and control over all that data. Our Health Aides provide monthly reports detailing the number of visits to the health office for ailments and treatments, as well as what course of action was taken.

Joffe Reporting: But wait, there’s more reporting! Our Health Aides are part of our School Safety Teams, and are always looking to improve their program. We compare our reported data with that of our partner schools so as to identify trends before they become an issue.

Health Education: Our team has the capability and desire to be involved with the health education at your school. That might include arranging dentist visits for 1st graders, assisting with human development conversations in 5th and 6th grades, or any other way they can take health-related responsibilities off someone’s plate!

Disaster Planning: Our Joffe Health Aides are also a great resource in emergency planning and preparation efforts. For example, they are capable of ensuring that your school’s first aid kits and disaster cache have enough supplies on hand to manage everything from a small-scale emergency to a true disaster.

Custom Additions: One thing we know intimately at Joffe is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to safety planning at schools. Each community and environment brings with it different challenges and needs, and they know what those are better than anyone! Health programs are no different. We are committed to support our partners however they need, so if this intrigued you but seemed to be lacking something, give us a call. We’ll discuss additional features customized for your school at your convenience.