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Below are THE MOST commonly requested phone extensions. If you need to connect with someone not listed below, please dial extension 0, or ask the team member who picks up the phone to connect you.



Andrew Barrett-Weiss

Chief of R.O.G.E.R
Extension 218

Chris Joffe

Chief Executive Officer
Extension 203

Jack O'Laughlin

Responder Experience Team
Extension 225

Felicia Gonsalez

Operations Manager, Get CPR Done
Extension 347

Patrick Rosca

National Director, School & Community Safety
Extension 215

Darren Dale

Event Safety Manager
Extension 216

Roxanna Magana

Responder Experience Team
Extension 275

Anthony "Doc" Sowder

Market Development Leader
Extension 12346

Josh Effle-Hoy

Campus Security & Venue Safety Manager
Extension 352

Melanie Marx

Accounting Manager
Extension 204

Cecile Garcia

Operations Manager
Extension 360

MingChui Yeung

Marketing Specialist
Extension 362

Tim Powers

Safe Communities Ambassador, School Safety

Kevin Kahn

Safe Communities Ambassador, Event Safety

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