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“Being a Joffe school means that we are prioritizing the safety of our teachers and students above all else our staff. It means we are confident that we will be able to respond to any emergency that may happen, and know that we will have the support we need throughout.”

— Jordan Handler, KIPP Bay Area
“Joffe Emergency Services has been supporting the health and safety program for our business for over three years. We are confident that if Joffe is involved, our safety-related programming will be innovative, relevant, and will also meet requirements from outside organizations.”

— Travis Murphy, TOMS Shoes

We came to Joffe through our insurance provider, who let us know that we could save a significant amount of money by overhauling our emergency response plan and procedures. Joffe recommended a plan that incorporated CPR and ERT training, disaster preparedness, and even NAIS accreditation consultation. Joffe allowed us to save time and money, but most importantly, Joffe prepared us to save lives.
— Jane Kolmodin, The Carey School

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