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Schools have a wide range of medical and health support needs. With school nurses in short supply, managing these needs can be a challenge.

We offer a comprehensive campus health solution that meets each school’s unique needs. Whether staffing your first medical position or empowering your school nurse with complementary skills and support, our tailored solutions offer compassionate, expert care, and insightful thought partnership - on-site or virtually.


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What Joffe Health Coordinators Do

Health Coordinators bring their passion for health and medicine and their expert knowledge to each school they work in. As trained medical professionals, they are adaptable, nimble, and able to problem-solve under immense pressure.










Typical services provided by Health Coordinators include:

  • First aid and medical interventions (CPR, managing chronic conditions, allergies, bleeding control, etc.)
  • Handling and administering student medication 
  • Field trip and emergency medication forms management
  • Maintaining and improving record-keeping systems (EHRs, IEPs, 504 forms, etc.)
  • Campus emergency response (Drills, go bags, etc.)
  • Communicable Disease management (Mitigation policy enforcement, COVID testing, vaccination tracking, and contact tracing)

Each Joffe health professional is backed by our school health services teams, with full support for ongoing training and the resources to contribute far beyond that of an independent practitioner.

In addition, our Health Coordinators often contribute to their schools in other ways like:

  • Working with athletic trainers and attending sporting events
  • Collaborating with school counselors
  • Presenting on health-related topics to staff/students
  • Leading/assisting wellness practices on campus
  • Being a member of the school health & safety team
  • Supporting extra-curricular programming and field trips

Benefits of Joffe Health Coordinators

As an experienced provider of quality school health and safety services, we understand the unique and delicate ecosystem of schools. Our Health Coordinator program takes a holistic approach to bolster the health and safety of your entire school community.



From managing student medications to bandaging a sprained ankle, Joffe Health Coordinators provide a range of health and medical services to students. They also act as a friendly and compassionate ear for students facing emotional challenges.



Whether you’re considering how to safely reinstate field trips, or reimagining your school’s student mental health supports, Joffe Health Coordinators are invaluable thought partners and advisors for critical health and safety decisions.


Teachers and Staff

Joffe Health Coordinators take managing student health off everyone’s plates so your teaching staff can stay focused on student learning and growth.



Joffe Health Coordinators are your families’ first point of contact for school health, providing them with information, reassurance, and guidance when it matters most.

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