How Many EMTs Do You Need For Your Event?

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It's the age-old question, right? How many EMTs do you need based on different numbers of participants, types of activities, levels of risk, etc. There's no substitute for a proper conversation and review with one of our event safety experts, but this e-book is pretty close.

Download this  book to learn:

  • How many EMTs you should have based on a variety of criteria surrounding your event. 
  • What equipment your personnel should have (zoinks!). 
  • A baseline for medical response protocol. 
  • The gist of ambulance services and coordination. 
  • What your expectations should be around code of conduct, uniform and in general. 

All of the above curated by the leading provider of Event Safety Services in North America. Joffe serves hundreds of events in more than 40 states, multiple countries and with all types of risk profiles.