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On-site medical and emergency planning services for safe and successful events.

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As events are becoming more complex, so are their safety challenges. You need reliable, efficient, and prepared medical and safety professionals to keep your participants and visitors safe.

We’ve got you covered. 

Our team understands the safety needs of today's events, and partners with event organizers - venues, stadiums, and field events alike - to address each event’s unique complexities. We’ll provide the planning, training, and 24/7 support you need to ensure your events are successful and safe.


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Professional, reliable medical experts


Our team consists of hundreds of EMTs spanning across the nation. No matter where they’re located, all of our EMTs are carefully vetted and trained to make sure they’re reliable and ready to provide high-quality medical care at any event.

Joffe EMTs:
- Are licensed and certified
- Pass a thorough screening and background check
- Receive ongoing training to stay up to date on best practices in emergency medicine
- Receive competitive pay
- Have the opportunity to work full time and receive benefits
- Become part of a network of professionals committed to public safety


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Event medical services

Flexible and high-quality medical and first aid services to limit liability and keep events fun, entertaining, and safe for all attending them.


Emergency planning

Facility and safety assessments, customized Emergency Operations Plans, and other emergency planning and management services for events and venues of all sizes.


Lifesaving training courses

Engaging and interactive First Aid, CPR, AED, and other safety trainings that empower teams to successfully respond to any medical emergency.


Emergency and first aid supplies

Emergency and medical supplies - including Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) - to keep your event or venue safe 24/7.

Why Joffe Emergency Services

We add the capacity, experience, and focus you need to bring your safety priorities to life.


Highly skilled EMTs

Our team of talented and qualified EMTs, paramedics, and supervisors are empowered with cutting-edge technology to ensure every event runs safely and smoothly.

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State-of-the-art portable medical equipment

We have the medical supplies needed to provide immediate high-quality on-site care to limit the number of injured or ill patients that need to be transported to a hospital.


Seamless inter-agency coordination

From the local fire prevention specialist to a team of fire, police, and security professionals, we work in close coordination with emergency responders to minimize response time and mitigate on-scene chaos.


Planning and problem solving

Sitting at the intersection of events, schools, and organizations gives us a deep and nuanced understanding of safety, so we can see around corners and address challenges before they impact your event.


"They're totally prepared to handle any kind of situation that we've come across."

Tim McNeff, Sr. Director, Facilities
Los Angeles Football Club


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“Since every Warrior Dash event comes with its own unique set of challenges, it can be a difficult event from a medical services perspective. Despite that, Chris and his staff are consistently courteous, professional, and timely. They have always delivered above and beyond the call of duty while staying within our budget. Joffe also provides detailed after-action reports within a few days of each event. This is crucial for us because it allows us to spot trends and make changes on the fly.”
Michael Coco, Director of Operations
Red Frog Events
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