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Business Safety

Our expert team works throughout the year on crisis communication and managing school, business, and event emergency preparedness programs nationwide. We seek to apply years of comparable business safety programs and equally textured years of diverse incident management, including bomb-threats, active shooters, and regional emergencies for any business.

Each business we work with has a highly effective safety plan in place to support a single heart attack or manage a large-scale emergency. Our collaboration involves operations team trainings and drills, Tabletops, and detailed coursework. In addition, we offer crisis Tabletops at several key points throughout the year to facilitate and engage team members in managing a large-scale emergency.

“Joffe Emergency Services has been supporting the health and safety program for our business for over three years. We have greatly benefitted from the expertise provided by JES as we have rolled out new programs, executed emergency drill exercises, and trained up many of our staff members on CPR and First Aid. We are confident that if Joffe is involved, our safety-related programming will be innovative, relevant, and will also meet requirements from outside organizations.”
— Travis Murphy, TOMS Shoes

We have many different business safety programs to suit virtually any need.

Business Safety Program

A comprehensive safety plan available for any business. Partnering with Joffe at this level offers you peace of mind that your training and procedures are expertly handled.

Business Continuity Plans

Creating a continuity plan for your business is easy with our active and collaborative methods. We’ve transformed the process from a mess of thousands to spreadsheets to a sleek, streamlined, 21st Century-esque approach.

First Aid and CPR Training 

We have your First Aid, CPR, and AED training covered.  Powered by Get CPRDone, we have all the resources your business needs to ensure everyone is effectively trained and receives current certification.  All you need is a space and we take care of the rest.

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