Planning and organizing a large-scale event often requires posing a repetitive question to your checklist: Who can help me accomplish this task effectively, cheerfully, and at a good price? The challenge, of course, is to identify the right partner for your needs. When it comes to event safety medical staffing, all of your options can seem similar. Someone is going to hire the EMTs you require and make sure they show up at your event. So all that’s left is finding the cheapest price, right?

That certainly will be a big part of your decision, but choosing the wrong event safety provider can have serious financial, legal, and personal consequences. Here are a few signs of a good event safety provider, so you can vet before you commit.

They have references: It may seem faster to just take a given medical staffing agency at their word. They have a nice enough website (with pictures and everything!) and it seems like they know their stuff. Time to lock it in and check it off your list? Not quite. One way to make sure you’re making the right decision is to ask for references to similar style or sized events the company has staffed previously. If they balk at something like that, it’s a valuable piece of information for you. If they pass along references, you can follow up at your own convenience.

They have a variety of skills: Perhaps you only need and want the basics. 2-4 EMTs (depending on event size) who show up on time and work cheerfully and efficiently to keep your attendees safe. However, events and needs can change and your event may require something beyond the basics. A good medical staffing provider can offer a variety of services. At Joffe, we pride ourselves in offering event safety teams composed of some combination of: EMTs, Licensed Paramedics, Rescue Divers, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Physicians.

Their involvement isn’t shallow: Is it going to be a scorching hot day when your event rolls around? Your medical team should have an air-conditioned tent to set up in. If the wind gusts powerfully or other weather contingencies arise, a good medical team still needs to be ready to perform their duties. To do that, they need to have the necessary materials and equipment for your event, sure. They also need to have the event-specific information you and your event participants will expect them to know. Course information, event medical history, and a number of other variables all make a huge difference in the level of care provided. Ask any company you’re prepared to partner with how they will ensure that their medical team will be put in a position to succeed, no matter what. If their plan for your event doesn’t involve an on-site supervisor or some other sort of pre-event prep, the fit might not be quite right.

They’re insured: Interested in carrying huge financial liabilities around for the entirety of your event? I would hope not! It’s simple, but make sure your medical partner carries liability and malpractice insurance (Joffe does).

You may have other things you want to ask a potential medical staffer. That’s great! We’re going to keep this brief because you’re ready to get back to the planning. We hope this assisted your thinking on hiring event medical staffing.

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