School Emergency Management

How To Conduct & Prepare For School Reunification

Surprisingly, one of the most challenging elements to navigate in an emergency happens after the action has calmed down.

Well, maybe it isn't so surprising. Dismissal is already tricky on a normal day. When every parent descends on your campus at once to pick up their students during a high-stress time? It can spiral out of control quickly without a concrete plan. That plan is called "reunification", and it will have a huge impact on how the community grades your school's emergency response. 


That’s why we put together our webinar on best practices in reunification, drawn from our real experiences with real schools.  In it, you’ll find:
  • The best way to physically set up your reunification process.
  • How to handle tricky situations that arise (agitated parents, keeping track of all students, identification snafus)
  •  Who needs to be on your reunification team, and what they should be doing throughout the process. 
And much more. 




Reunification Process
Coming out of the webinar, you'll have a few next steps:
  • Schedule a reunification exercise where you actually operate your Reunification Team 
  • Consider how equipped you are to lead the training leading up to the reunification drill/exercise. If you need our support, review our programs and get in touch! 
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Parents, students, faculty, staff, the board. Everyone should know you're prepared to reunify students with their parents at the end of the emergency. It's a big and important step - so share it loud and proud!


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