“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is

‘What are you doing for others?’”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Mission Possible_ Join Us To Make Schools Safer

 Joffe Emergency Services is looking for candidates who want to:

Have an impact.  Make a difference. Empower students.

And prepare communities for their Greatest Challenges.


Joffe Emergency Services has been protecting lives and empowering schools for over a decade. We’re experts at helping school communities feel safer, more prepared, and more able to manage through a crisis. Our focused compassionate approach allows us to communicate more readily to an increasingly anxious audience.

As we’ve seen the increase in school violence around the country, we know we need to help more we need to help more schools in more communities around the country. We are launching a training program to educate and inspire people to serve as Community Safety Specialists in major cities throughout the United States.

We believe that through training, simulations, and experiential learning, we can empower school leaders to protect their students more effectively. The stories we hear from schools spur us into action. We are looking for individuals who can't stand to sit on the sidelines any longer. We need people who feel the call to become part of something greater. Please, help us craft a different ending to these stories. We must do more for our children.

In your journey as a Community Safety Specialist, you'll play a critical role in safeguarding our schools and communities by offering expertise and ongoing support to help plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies.  It's no small task, but it's a worthy one.  Start your journey now by filling out the information below.  

Fill out my online form.

A member of our team will respond with next steps...but first ask yourself: Are you ready to teach and learn, to serve and lead when called upon, and to be confident that your job is one that gives back to your community?

Are you truly ready for the mission?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead