Do You Need Electrostatic Cleaners for COVID-19?

Joffe Will Help.

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Wait. What? Some FAQ's: 



Joffe is proud to be at the center of the Coronavirus Response for schools and as a result we're receiving inquiries from organizations in and out of the school community with strategies to support our schools.  We were pleased to connect with Marriott International and learn of the electrostatic spray equipment that their corporation has procured for their global portfolio of hotels.  Marriott has graciously extended their support to offer priority to schools and community organizations who have urgent need for a COVID-19 sanitation resource.  We're incredibly grateful for Marriott's willingness to support our schools.

You will see the handheld size sprayer in Marriott’s video: Marriott's Commitment to Clean


Joffe has vetted the product selection and price points, and we feel confident that this could be a viable resource for our school partners.  We are happy to facilitate this opportunity in coordination with Marriott.  Beyond that, Joffe has no product or financial involvement.  As such, we ask that you contact the manufacturer directly with any questions or concerns about the equipment.


Handheld size spray guns can cover up to 1,000 square feet and are convenient for navigating smaller spaces, such as classrooms, offices, or restrooms.  Backpack size sprayers have capacity to spray up to 10,000 square feet and would be a great solution for disinfecting wider spaces, including hallways, dining halls, auditoriums, etc.  

Product Facts:


  • Eradicates deadly pathogens like Coronavirus (COVID-19), Influenza, Candida Auris and more
  • Listed by American Chemistry Council as a COVID-19 fighting product
  • U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List-N of antimicrobial products
  • Sprayers have ETL certification and meet standard requirements established by OSHA
  • Users of this device include Marriott International, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, The Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente 

What do the premium kits include? 

This purchase will include a cordless sprayer, rechargeable battery, nozzle, and a supply of EPA-approved disinfectant chemical. Additionally, the kits will include QR code stickers that you will be able to display around campus.  These QR codes will access a short on-demand video about electrostatic sprayers as an added precautionary measure that your school is taking to ensure safety and sanitation. This tool can been helpful in allowing students, teachers, and visitors to feel more comfortable about being back in your space.  This bundle kit offers increased value. 

What sort of chemical is used?

Currently, two brands of chemicals are offered by Cleaning Services Global and both are EPA-approved and effective against influenza and COVID-19.  Your kit will come with a starter supply of Clean Republic disinfectant (8 gallons with handheld sprayer and 16 gallons with backpack sprayer).  Future refills can be purchased directly online from CSG.  The chemicals are hospital grade and food safe. 



How much do the kits cost?


  • Handheld Spray Gun (up to 1,000 sq ft): $1,227 per kit
  • Pro Backpack (up to 10,000 sq ft): $2,543 per kit
  • Plus tax and shipping (tax exemption status honored with certification)  



  1. Complete the order form and indicate your purchase quantity, as well as billing and shipping contacts.  The order form will take you no more than 3 minutes to complete.
  2. The billing contact will receive an email invoice from Cleaning Services Global with options to send payment by credit card, check or wire transfer.  Please remit payment immediately.
  3. Once payment is processed, your equipment will ship out right away and arrive between 4-6 business days. International orders can be accommodated. 



  • For assistance with your order, please email Marriott at TalentPoint@marriott.comfor immediate response.
  • For technical assistance after you receive your product, please contact Cleaning Services Global.
  • Please do not contact Joffe.  Our support teams are unable to help.

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