The Ultimate Guide to School Security

This online guide to hiring, evaluating, and maintaining a great security team breaks down that large goal into achievable and understandable tasks.

We’re proud to announce that our security program continues to expand into new schools across the country. We believe this is because we are the only ones building security teams that are prepared for the unique challenges facing schools, as well as the only ones recognizing that a security team must be a part of your school’s existing emergency preparedness.

As you read the bullet points below, ask yourself this, "Does our security team..."

  • Know our community like the back of their hand? (Greeting parents by name, has the ability to recognize patterns of common incidents and preempt bad outcomes)

  • Have the ability to defuse challenging situations? (Joffe campus safety officers are “MOAB” trained, which stands for “management of aggressive behavior”)

  • Support our school beyond the basic and limited functions of security officers? (Joffe officers know their precise role in an emergency, which keeps schools from wasting valuable time and energy managing them)

We have created an e-book to walk you through all the basics of school security. Fill out the form on the right to download for free!