We provide a variety of plans to match the needs of any school, business, or event. No matter which services you need, we’ll guide you through it from start to finish.

Vitals Plan

The vitals program is a basic package that covers all of your drills, schedules, and consultations.

Essentials Plan

The essentials program is a comprehensive overview and complete implementation of your entire safety program.

School Safety Practices

Our School Safety Practices webinar series is specially designed for administrators who prioritize safety on a limited schedule.

About Us

We're kind of a big deal

Joffe Emergency Services is the leader in school, business, and event safety. Since 2007, we've empowered millions of people to be prepared for emergency situations. Our strong commitment to excellence has given us the edge in technology, resources, and partnerships to provide the best possible solutions to you in any emergency situation that may arise. Partnering with Joffe Emergency Services gives you access to unparalleled skills, support, and customer service for your business or organization. We're fully dedicated to empowering organizations to build safer communities.


Ask us anything. We even answer fan mail.
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Chief Executive Officer
Chris has helped protect millions of lives since 2007. Based on the belief that people have the power to save lives through education and training, Chris has built Joffe Emergency Services to become the leader in life-saving training, event safety, and disaster preparedness. Chris has flown commercial so much that he’s becoming a pilot now. Seriously. Ask him for a ride somewhere.
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Sandy Bodnar

National Director of Operations
Sandy comes from a law enforcement background of 20 years. She manages the regional response managers for school and business safety and coordinates event safety EMTs. She had the opportunity to play on an all-star basketball team from Orange County that traveled and competed in Russia and Finland.
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Director of Infrastructure and Assessment
Dan comes to Joffe after 20 years in education, where he worked as a teacher and administrator in humanities, media literacy, technology, and school safety. Dan’s favorite word is penultimate, and he has been known for a love of freestyle songwriting and music of all types.
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Communication Manager
Melissa provides all marketing, design, written content, and communications for Joffe. Her biggest accomplishment to date is forgetting how to ride a bike.


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