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Wondering if we're the right fit? 

Pricing isn't everything, but it's important. Download the pricing guide as a starting point to see if we're the right fit. Beyond this, we promise guards that are capable, intelligent, and supportive of your culture and mission. We can do this because our guards are:

  • Paid a living wage - or better
  • Given vacation time, paid family leave, etc.
    • We know that seems like it's a given, but in the security industry, it's actually rare for employees to be looked after by their employers - we're proud to be beginning to change that.
  • Given health insurance and other benefits
  • Given opportunities for ongoing professional development, coaching, support and advancement
  • Challenged to do more for themselves and the communities they serve
  • Deeply compassionate, caring and focussed on your campus' safety and security
  • Alert and awake and without phone in hand