Joffe's School Assessment Program is an extensive review of the existing policies and protocols concerning safety and emergency preparedness. Participating in the School Assessment Program allows schools greater certainty concerning their safety program while providing tools and measures toward continual improvement.


Review of Documentation

Before the actual assessment you are assigned a school safety expert who will review current safety documentation and be your main point of contact through the entire process.  


Campus Visit

We schedule a full day campus visit which includes a 100+ item checklist to ensure our schools are being assessed from a common set of best practice guidelines.  Campus visits include observing carpool areas, athletic fields, cafeterias, classrooms, and offices.


Our school safety consultant will ensure they are meeting with key stakeholders at the appropriate levels to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of school culture and strengths/challenges of your school's safety program.



Once your school visit is complete, your assigned consultant will compile all the results and present to your school a full write-up of the visit, including a set of clear recommendations, areas for improvement, and celebrating current successes.  


Summary of Needs

Reading an entire report takes time and while we encourage all key stakeholders to read it thoroughly, we will set up a follow up meeting to review key points and pay particular attention to the important next steps for your school to take to ensure safety for all community members.  



Clear, Achievable Goals

There are always competing priorities at a school and ensuring safety takes time.  Frequently schools find it difficult to find the path forward towards constant improvement.  With an end result of having clear, achievable goals, you will be able to measure your own success at the end of the year and establish new goals for the following school year. 

Interested in signing up for a school assessment?  Contact our experts today.  We strive for a 24 hour response time to all inquiries.  

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