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Safety Programs

Joffe Emergency Services has partnered with kipp TO IMPROVE EACH AND EVERY Region & School's SAFETY.


Baseline Program

All regions entitled to this baseline.

  • Access to Joffe's support during an emergency
  • Access to Joffe's monthly webinar with DIY support topics, tools, etc.
  • Library of standard tools/templates/turnkey trainings
  • Emergency Plan Review
  • Crisis Communication Support
  • Up to five consulting hours per region

Enhanced Program

(Cost to Region: $11,750)

  • All services/support provided in Baseline Program
  • Participate in (or build) safety committee
  • Supply audit and coaching
  • Guided support* in
    • Drill support and design
    • Training designed for strike/incident command teams
    • Professional Development Training (PD) support
  • Annual report and goal setting
  • One tabletop exercise per year
  • Traditionally three visits from Joffe per year
  • 60 consulting hours per year

Elite Program

(Cost to Region: $22,500)

  • All services/support provided in Baseline & Enhanced Program
  • Delivered support** in
    • Drill support and design
    • Training designed for strike/incident command teams
    • Professional Development Training (PD) support
  • Emergency Notification System support
  • Three tabletop exercises per year
  • Advanced Crisis Communication Support (includes 3 hours with misconduct experts)
  • CPR and First Aid training for 200 people
  • Business Continuity Plan Development
  • Traditionally seven to nine visits from Joffe per year
  • Two customized safety training videos per year
  • 120 consulting hours per year

*Guided Support: Train the trainer and/or we show you once

**Delivered Support: You outsource to us for the year



Here are three ways to ensure they are a great fit for this work:

1. They represent more than 100 schools in some fashion (KIPP is unique and needs the attention of a team that has the depth of experience to be successful with your schools).

2. They provide consulting on more than just a single area of risk management (many providers specialize in security or misconduct, we encourage regions to work with providers who can cover multiple areas).

3. They provide counsel to you regularly - not just in a single audit (one and done) methodology.



downloadOur Founder & CEO, Chris Joffe, might have been a KIPP student had the KIPP story started few years earlier. Born in an urban housing project in Saint Louis, Missouri, Chris was the youngest of five children, each removed from the home by the age of five. He spent his early years in foster care and orphanages; he certainly was not on a trajectory for success. Chris was fortunate enough to be adopted by an incredible mother and given nearly every chance for success in the book. He knows how lucky he was to be given a different life and feels compelled to give those in similar circumstances the same opportunity. Chris believes in the KIPP mission through and through. He deeply understands that KIPP creates opportunity for children who, in many cases, simply wouldn't have a chance to embrace a better life.

 Joffe's approach to Risk Management is about ensuring that no risk prevents the KIPP Network from continuing to expand. Join us in protecting the KIPP mission, the KIPP program and, most importantly, the KIPPsters - the children we're all in the business of supporting, empowering and protecting.

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