Mark -

I saw your post about weaponized vehicles. If I’ve stalked you enough (and I mean that in the least creepy way possible), I know that you’re thinking, “can Elon put a device in cars that allows them to be shut down in certain situations?”. Simply put, can technology prevent a car from becoming a weapon? I assume eventually (if not already) the answer will be yes, but in my work, I’ve learned that if it’s not cars, it’s planes, bikes, knives. If people want to hurt others, they’ll do whatever it takes to find a way.

My perspective is the opposite. My question is, “what can I do to ensure that a community is prepared for any eventuality? Vehicle, plane, knife, internal predator? Albeit, it’s persistently reactive (and there are pros and cons to that). I work with K-12 schools (think Archer, Head-Royce, or KIPP), event production companies (think Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder), businesses (think, Toms Shoes, Viacom) and cities to prepare risk management plans to combat anyone who’s trying to hurt them. If a kid wants to bring a weapon to school and harm another kid, my team’s responsible for a) building a community where there are systems and processes in place to detect it (where possible) before it happens, and b) if it does happen, respond to it minimizing damage and mitigating loss of life.

We’re not a tech company, and I’ll never grow to be a $200M company. That said, given your interest in protecting people, I felt it appropriate to reach out and say - “there are ways to do this that exist today, and with your help, we can continue to keep people safe, secure and protected in a world that’s always shifting and changing”.

Would you be willing to take 15 minutes to chat about the ways that we’re doing this today and some of the ways that your support would shift that? Your support would mean protecting more people and improving safety in environments of all types.

Thank you,

Chris Joffe

Founder & CEO, Joffe Emergency Services